2013 Cloud Burst in Uttarakhand had given birth to a new thought of making a new Organization to extend help & support to all the needy & distressed people in society.

Our Founder member T S Parvaga shared his thought & the idea to his close friend Rakesh Saini. Rakesh Saini liked the idea very much. Rakesh Saini in order to convert this noble thought into reality approached many influential people in the Punjabi community in Dallas USA. But He did not get a positive response from this community.

T S Parvaga one day while going through a newspaper came across several news of Drug addiction & abuse in the state of Punjab, which further motivated HIM to pursue the formation of an organization to help these demotivated youth of Punjab. He shared his idea with his sister Ms. Jeet Kaur Bains who live in the UK & asked her if she could join him in this noble mission. She immediately agreed & promised that she will help her brother in this noble cause whatever way she can.

Next day early morning T SParvaga shared the same idea to his close friend Mr. Rakesh Saini & Mr. Saini came to Mr. Parvaga’s house within 15 minutes a check of $251 as an initial donation to kick off the mission.

Then T S Parvaga approached his friends in Punjab & shared his idea of this organization called ‘Hakumatpuri Helping Organization’ & requested them to take charge of the day to day operation in Punjab.

The first project kicked off in 2014 where 400 drug-addicted youth were treated & rehabilitated.

After the event came into limelight through the newspaper, not only the Punjabi community came forward with the help but also people from the different community approached Hukumatpuri Helping Organization to extend their help & support towards this noble cause.